Loving Relationship (for couples) – Re-creating the bond and deepening love

20/11/2019 - 24/11/2019

Seminarhof Schleglberg, Holzhäuseln 12, Rottenbach, Austria

+43 650 5932483

In this retreat you and your partner have the time, space and support to deepen your connection – sexually, emotionally and spiritually.

This is a space to refresh your relationship and rediscover the deeper creative energy that brought you together. You will learn and practice keeping the quality of your connection, the love and the attraction alive.

This is an opportunity to heal and let go of old ideas and hurts about each other and the relationship, opening for a new beginning and maturing of your path together. We will introduce a new vision that makes a relationship an experience of mutual support, nourishment, and growth, rather than ongoing disconnection and struggle.
We will offer tools to support and re-create the bond of love and intimacy in your daily life.

When we bring awareness and curiosity into our relationship we create a new level of love and intimacy – a place of loving bond and trust that helps each one to go deeper in themselves, which means to keep growing as an individual, as well as to strengthen the creative connection of the relationship.
You will receive new insights about sex and its function within your relationship, as well as practices for conscious love-making to clear old and confusing beliefs about oneself and about the differences in men and women around sex.

We will share the key elements that can transform sex into sacred love-making, through which it becomes a great resource and practice for intimacy and a healing force within a couple.

We will work with:

•    Specific practices for transforming sexuality and love-making into an experience of love, clarity and connection.
•    Understanding the different phases and life-cycles of a relationship, and how this affects sexuality, intimacy and the appreciation of each other
•    How to organize the practical life as a couple – in all roles and tasks
•    Practices to keep the emotional and sexual bond flowing and alive in long-term relationships
•    Understanding our personal needs and difficulties, in myself, my partner and the relationship, and how to find the way back to love
•    Letting go of limiting beliefs that sabotage healthy and nourishing relationship.
•    Exploring the unique energy and potential of each couple

You will receive inputs and practices that can bring a new energy and meaning to your life as a couple.
We work with movement, therapeutic work, role play, meditations, and sharing to explore the different dimensions of relating.

Each couple will have time to practice new tools and ways of being together, and also to enjoy the countryside of the seminar place. The time will be structured in working with group dynamics and practices for the couples individually.

Living a conscious and respectful relationship takes our loving connection to a spiritual level, where we become mirrors for each other, through which we can see ourselves more clear and learn to love ourselves, our partner and everything in life deeper.

Retreat Details:

Participation for Couples in Relationship – no prior experiences needed
Seminar will be held in english with translation to German- International Participants are warmly welcome!

For more information: www.integralbeing.at