Q & A: Healing the Inner Child – Primal Feelings

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Q. Who is this workshop for?

For every person that feels the longing to open more inner spaces at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. And especially for people that feels still entangled with his/her past story, people that has difficulty with intimate relationships, and for people that feels entangled with parents in a negative way, either by excessive attachment or through resentments.

Q. I am a parent now, sometimes I am not sure if I am a good mother or father, I have fears and doubts, can this workshop help me, why could it be good for me?

The best way to understand your children and to know from inside out their needs and how to communicate with them is by accessing your own feelings and needs through your own experience. When you make connection with your own little boy or girl inside and let the little one touch your heart, you will remember what is the world of a little child. So that when you meet your own child as a parent you are much more open, understanding and have many more skills on how to relate to them.

An important part of the work is to strengthen the adult in you, and from there you meet your inner child (which is simply a psychologically younger part of yourself). You will listen to the child-you and support its feelings and needs. As you do that, naturally you grow wiser and more loving. This work is ultimately a work about self-love and self-compassion.
And I believe only when I can be loving, compassionate and open to my own needs and my feelings I am able to fully attend with my full heart the needs of another being, which may be my children, my husband/wife, or anyone I relate to.

Q. My childhood was very difficult and painful and I don’t want to touch those old “monsters” sitting quietly under the carpet but my wife says it might be helpful for me. How could I benefit from it?

It is absolutely natural that fears come up when we reconnect with our past stories, because sometimes our “story” is stuck in a frozen negative spiral, and just to think about it releases fear in the system. So it seems better to leave the “monsters” to rest. The problem is that they are not really resting, these so called “monsters” is actually our life energy trapped in old memories. And when our life energy is stuck it can create all kind of symptoms, in our bodies and mind, which can reflect in our physical health and our relationships.

So, it is very important that this reconnection happens in a way that we can digest and integrate. Therefore the approach we use is very gentle, playful, and each participant moves in its own pace.

The possibility through this work is to redesign our past, through reconnecting also the resourceful positive moments (which every child in one way or another have experienced, even if through imagination!), and to rewrite ones life’s narrative in a new way, liberating life energy that can be available for more aliveness, lovingness and creativity.

Q. What could be the benefit? the change in my life that I could expect after the workshop?

The possibility is to reconnect with the essential qualities of your child-you. We are born with infinite capacities and qualities, which because of our life experiences have remained dormant and haven’t fully manifested in our life.
Through your process in the seminar you can rediscover your essential qualities, which may be more aliveness, creativity, lovingness, openness, playfulness, sensitivity, strength, etc. These are energies that can become available when the child in you becomes more alive. You can regain your primary life energy.
And at the same time, as we work with strengthening the adult in you, you may connect with more assertiveness, clarity, compassion, self-worth, presence, ability to recognize and honor your needs, capacity to relate more with yourself and others,
The possibility is to have a new way of seeing and experiencing your life

Q. How could men benefit from this work?

The greatest strength of a man is to be able to be present with emotions (which usually are easier expressed by women and children), but that is only fully possible when men can touch their own vulnerability and emotional intelligence.
In most cultures men has been very disconnected emotionally. They have been specially cut off very early from their child’s sensitivity, with the idea that “men don’t cry”, and sometimes being a 4 years old boy and hearing things like “you should be a man”, etc. This can create deep disconnection and conflicting feelings about their sensitivity and his masculine energy.
The possibility for men is to touch his real masculine strength by embracing his needs and sensitivity.
Q. How about that big group of people that have been in therapy for years, have participated dozens of workshops and they still feel that their life sucks , but they are already tired of “working on their issues”, could they benefit form it ?

The approach of this seminar is very dynamic, and the focus is not on the issues, but on reconciliation with oneself and with one’s story.
This is a healing journey where we enter a spiritual dimension by connecting with our essential being. The group’s energy supports the places that are open in each participant to have more space, and that function as powerful resources for healing the areas that are closed. The work is about self-acceptance and forgiveness.We create a safe, loving and caring ambient. And when we bring out our story in a new context, in an environment of love and support, where we feel seeing and accepted, our brain cells rewire into new pathways that can balance our whole body-mind system. When we do that in combination with movements, play, and practices that supports our body structure to open in a gentle way, a transformation in our psyche can happen in a very short time.

Q. About you: Something about your OSHO experience, the style of teaching you are using.

I have been in the path of self-exploration since 29 years, living and working as a group leader at Osho’s meditation resort, in India.
The approach of healing I’ve received from Osho is a combination of various western therapeutic techniques with meditation and energetic healing practices coming from different traditions. The work around Osho is very experiential, and involves opening in all levels: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Through the different experiences, exploration and studies I have created, together with my partner, a Chakra training, the “Training for Life”, where we work deeply with all levels of human consciousness. This training is based on the different steps of child’s development and the newest discoveries of neuroscience.

My personal way of working with people involves reading the energetic patterns at an individual and collective levels and balancing the group energy, so that what is ready to comes up can be worked in a gentle way, through dialogue, body awareness and somatic experiencing (Trauma Healing). I facilitate the energy to move in the group through movement, play, breathing techniques, sounds and sharing.
Q. Something from your international experience, 2 or 3 short examples from other countries or continents to show international expertise.

Currently I live in Austria with my husband and partner and travel to different parts of the world with my work. I love traveling, meeting people from different cultures and tuning-in to their own unique ways, as a culture and as individuals.
I offer different courses and trainings in Austria, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine and China.




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