A Dream of Creation and Re-creation of Life

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“Being round in the initial period of existence is equivalent to assuming oneself to be total and complete and hence a God that can do all things”   – Edinger

The “Breath of Life” is a Craniosacral Biodynamic term that refers to the principle of creation.
Its intention manifests in a living being through creation at conception, and re-creation throughout life and death.

Life and death is a continuous process of regeneration and potentialization that carries on the intention of the Breath of Life, which patiently gives us the chance, again and again, to merge with its immense creative potential and love while we are alive in a human form.

When someone decides to go into a group process in order to explore death, there is already from the beginning a movement towards openings, connecting, exploring and expanding – The participant is carrying on with the Breath of Life intention and becomes a co-creator. That initiative and motivation shows a system that has enough resources available to move with the Breath of Life’s plan, and has the possibility to re-experience, while alive in a physical human form, one’s original wholeness as it has been before conception, during embryonic stages, through adult life and will be after death.

This recapitulation of the Breath of Life intention of recreation through life, death, and rebirth happens all along life. It can be observed within the duration of a lifetime, a day, and certain moments. There are moments throughout life that ignites this intention bringing it to its full potency. When someone decides to move into a conscious journey towards death, the igniting fire has already started, it is already in process.

This ignition may appear simply as a light that brings clarity and understanding to certain life patterns, or as a spark, that can start a fire which will burn one so completely that there is no other way than to be reborn with new potency, with new possibilities. And so the Breath of Life fulfils its intention of moving forward to keep the process of eternal creation and recreation of life.



“Life’s errors cry for the merciful beauty that can modulate their isolation into a harmony with the whole.”
  – Rabindranath Tagore –

The movement towards death starts with a creative intention, which brings a group of people together to experience something new. The intention manifests and develops by mutual attraction between all the different parts that are going to form one organism in the form of a group (the embryo), including facilitator, organizer, assistants, helpers, participants, and everyone and everything else that is part of it.

The facilitator is an important fulcrum of orientation in this process, and her/his ability to keep clear communication between all the parts, to be in a neutral state, and to be grounded in her fulcrums is fundamental for the development of this new organism.
The group – as a living entity and a system with its own organizing forces – is not just the sum of the elements it consists of, but an interrelation of all the forces present, which gives it an organic quality of unity and wholeness. As the facilitator, my work is to support the stabilization of this system so that it has space to flow with its inherent motion and intelligence.

* While doing the last touches to complete the project, the archetype of “the mother” came to me in relation to one of the facilitator’s function.
“The mother” is the container that holds the space for the embryo’s heart ignition and further development – by manifesting qualities of receptivity, lovingness, comforting and nourishment. And the facilitator, as “the mother’s” archetype – involved by the heart space that the embryo inspires – engages all her/his motivations towards the development of the embryo to its full potential.

The ‘sacred space’ – the womb – that will be hosting the process of recreation, is an important resource.
The preparation of the room is done with lovingness and sense of beauty. Everything is placed with equilibrium and aesthetic feelings, creating an atmosphere of care and welcoming that supports the participant’s nervous systems to settle as they enter the space. The group room will be in a constant process of transformation during the process.
Once the process of conception starts, the group space becomes more and more alive and keeps on transforming as the embryo develops throughout the days.



“The circle represents God and eternity, wholeness and fulfilment of the transpersonal dimension of life.”
– Michael Shea –

The internal and external movements, from the elements that are part of the group, start taking a clear direction towards the space of the womb, where the “ovum”- the circular space formed by cushions in the group room – is ready to be entered. And Participants start entering the quiet, vibrating, round and welcoming space.

The circle has a magic function. While entering it, a natural silence and respect for the space happen. There is an inner knowing that this is a sacred space. Many participants close their eyes as they sit in the circle and start moving inward. The Sufi music also invites this inner movement. Some people remain in a more alert, activated state, looking around, moving and changing position.

Through my mid-line – a vertical alignment of my body – I sense all the outside movements and use every experience to rest deeper in my base and belly, to enter a receptive space in my heart center, and to expand the area between my eyebrows. I may then invite people to close the eyes and take a moment to arrive inside themselves. Usually, it helps to invite a few deep inhalations to support the way in.

At this moment the facilitator’s ability to stay present and open to connect with the whole group functions as a resource, a fulcrum of orientation for the individual particularities – feelings of anticipation, insecurity, excitement, or disconnection. As the group settles into a more silent space, potency starts building up for the process of forming a new, unique organism.

This is a moment when life and death is very present.
Death is already happening as individuals die to parts of themselves, surrendering their old ways of being to a new and unknown experience, in order to grow. This is a continuation of a process of renovation that happens through life and death and will be recapitulated over and over during the group and beyond it.

A new embryo is in its process of development, manifesting in the group as a whole – as one organism – and in the wholeness of each individual. The settling deeper in the womb is a sign of a readiness to keep moving with the life-death-life journey that will culminate with death and rebirth.

The embryo will go through expansion and differentiation, and sparkling moments of transformation (ignition). It’s time for finding one’s own center, through the mid-line, and to orient around the fulcrum of the heart, to practice dying and being born, again and again, gathering potency on the way, getting ready for the eternal journey towards birth, death, and rebirth.

“Die Before You Die” (A Sufi journey of preparation to die consciously and to create space for ignition of life).


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