The Wheel of Intimate Relationships

Maybe this sounds familiar?

In the beginning, everything is easy, your partner is amazing, you want to be together all the time. Everything about the other is interesting and one feels alive and attractive – and the sexual connection just happens by itself.
That´s the Spring.

If the flirt becomes a relationship, there comes a time where the partners create lots of structures together – maybe common projects, family, kids, a house etc… This needs a deeper commitment because it gets more challenging. Shadows come to light and there are more conflicts. Either the relationship deepens here, or it ends – and the sexual connection might be deep, or it needs already a restart.
That´s the Summer.

Every relationship has to also take care of endings. Either it´s the real ending of the partnership, or through consciously working on the relationship, patterns and aspects of this partnership that are no longer supportive can finish. This can bring a new depth and connection. But if we want everything to stay the same always, the connection and aliveness will fade away. The attraction doesn´t happen anymore by itself, but it needs care and real contact.
That´s Autumn.

Everything is in you. Your partner is simply a mirror of your inner world, and your consciousness is growing through observing yourself while relating. When you close your eyes at the end of the day, you are with yourself. Do you feel lonely with yourself, or are you connected to the bigger mystery of life?
Every relationship starts and ends here – Being with your Self.
You can be in a relationship and still feel chronically lonely, or you can be single, and feel really connected.
That´s Winter.

This is the wheel of the phases of the relationship – one of the tools we use in the Couples Retreat “Loving Relationships – Recreating the bond and deepening love”, in order to help partners to get clarity of where they are and what they need at the present time of their relationship.

The next retreat is happening in Austria:  Loving Relationship (for couples)  from 20 – 24 November 2019

Join us for this wonderful opportunity to either re-start, deepen or simply nourish your relationship

The Retreat is happening in a beautiful location in the Austrian countryside, at Seminarhof Schleglberg.
We will teach in English (with German translation), and there will be couples from different countries attending.

The phases that are described above are a simple map of the different stages of attraction and relationships.
Every relationship moves through these phases, and most problems come from trying to cling to one of them.
We might want to stay forever in spring, but we also need the relaxation of the autumn, but for this, we need to go through the commitment of summer – and without the depth of winter, nothing feels really alive.

These cycles can happen within decades, but it also happens each day. What we want is to become aware of the strength and challenges of each phase, and learn to keep moving with them.

We went many times through all the beauty and challenges of these phases in our relationship. Therefore it´s a real pleasure for us to support other couples to deepen their relationship and renew their bond and connection.

Couples can bring clarity into entanglements struggles, and get simple and effective tools to constructively work with conflicts. You will come to understand yourself and your partner deeper and learn new ways to keep passion and the sexual connection alive – suitable for each phase of the relationship.

You can find all information about the retreat here:

For registration contact: Ulrike Prochazka,, +43 650 5932483

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