Die Before you Die – A Sufi Centering through Life and Death

21/10/2020 - 25/10/2020

NOWE KAWKOWO, New Kawkowo 52 A, the municipality Jonkowo 11-042, Warmia and Mazury region, Poland

TUITERAZ (Maja & Jacek)
+48 662 759 576

The “Die Before You Die” retreat is a path towards awareness of who we are beyond life and death and a journey into our conscious death. The understanding is that death is an organic integral part of life and it is happening each moment and that the death of what we believe we are is necessary for recognizing our true nature so that we can be totally alive.

In this course, we are going to experience how our energy can be liberated from attachments and identifications that create suffering in our lives.

This is a process of symbolic letting go of the physical body, honoring being a human – our flesh and bones, our feelings and emotions, and the infinite energy that is constantly moving us. The possibility is then to experience a real sense of embodiment of Life, entering each moment in its fullness and with higher levels of perception where sounds, colors, forms, smells, textures, and tastes become fully vibrating and alive.

This retreat is an opportunity to contemplate and make friends with death, and to create the possibilities for life to sprout and thrive into its full potential.

„Die Before You Die“ is a ritual of departure from the past, a ritual of cleansing and letting go of all that we no longer need so that life can thrive, move forward, and bless the future. In this journey we are going to experience our death consciously, understanding that death is a process of letting go and a possibility to review our lives and create space for what is really important.




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