Systemic Ritual® and the Shamanic Wheel

28/08/2020 - 30/08/2020

Druna, Trojicka 10, Praha, Czech Republic

+420 725 449 409

Systemic Ritual is a combination of Shamanism and Systemic constellation work, and a very alive and dynamic pathway for working with archetypical systems, that can go from individual to very large collective experiences.
In a Systemic Ritual, we create a ritual space to bring together different elements of a specific situation or a system, we recognize and build resources around it, and create space for movement and healing within the areas in this system where energy is held and cannot flow in its natural course.

The Shamanic wheel is one of the tools for working with Systemic Rituals and teaches us about the eternal flow and continuity of life.
It is based on observation of nature in relation to the four directions and the natural cycles that happens in a moment, within a day, a month, a year, a lifetime, and beyond life and death.

This is a map that offers clear and dynamic ways to recognize, re-connect and integrate different parts of ourselves that we tend to experience as closed, chaotic, overwhelming, or disconnected, which can cause confusion, anxiety, and lack of energy. And, when we see and experience different parts of ourselves as natural qualities within the wheel of life, we open the space for movement, healing, and integration in the places where we feel stuck and disconnected.

In a Systemic Ritual, every participant that is in the group room is contributing to the work – like in old traditional shamanic practices, where the community come together for healing one or more individuals, and in this way, the whole community is healed and everyone that is part of it receives something.

In this workshop we will:

° Learn the basic structure of the wheel – the connection between the four directions with the four seasons, moon cycle, and time of the day – in an experiential and very dynamic way.

° Create different archetypical wheels according to what participants will bring as inquiries, questions, and situations from their lives. These may be themes related to intimate relationships; sexuality; the connection between body/mind/emotions/spirit; connection with family and ancestors; work and creativity; completion and letting go of attachments; etc.

° Work with the Systemic Ritual modality where we will move through and experience different areas, qualities, and possibilities of a specific wheel.

As we move through the Wheel and the Rituals we will work with the awareness of body, mind, and emotions, with singing, rattling and drumming, dance and movement, voicing, and sharing. The element of prayer – which creates a state of being that is receptive to the natural intelligence and healing power of the field – is a fundamental ingredient for the work.

This is a work of love, respect, and compassion towards ourselves, others, our human being community, and the whole of life.

Systemic Ritual is a modality that was created by my teacher Daan Van Kampenhout, who has been practicing Shamanism since the age of 16 and worked very close to Bert Helinger with Systemic Constellation. His questions, inquiries, and experiences brought to life this very alive and dynamic modality for working with systems that can go from individual to very large collective experiences.