Awakened Feminine Training – Module 1. The Sacred Feminine Temple and the Divine Mother

30/08/2024 - 01/09/2024

Druna, Trojicka 10, Praha, Czech Republic


This is an invitation to return home – to our bodies, feelings, and our soul.

1. The Sacred Feminine Temple and the Big Mother (more) 30 Aug – 1 Sep 2024
2. The Dance of the Feminine and Masculine (more) 15 – 17 November 2024
3. The Transformative Power of the Dark Goddesses (more) 7 – 9 March 2025
4. The Ecstatic, Sexual and Spiritual Woman (more) 16 – 18 May 2025

In the Awakened Feminine training, we invoke the power of the feminine energy through the Tantric Goddesses, channelling the love and wisdom of the “Divine Mother” to guide us through the rich, powerful and challenging universe of our sexual energy.
We connect with our sexual energy as the natural and instinctual force that connects and creates, and from there, we open our hearts for all the pain, the joy and the longing that we carry in our body and mind, opening for healing and for deeper intimacy with ourselves, with life and with the principle of creation.

In the Awakened Feminine training, we will:

  • Explore our sexual energy as the power of our instinctual nature that transforms into intimacy and connection, love and compassion, creativity and spiritual connection.
  • Bring healing through the layers of shame, guilt, and disconnection that we carry in our bodies and energetic system, which inhibit us from a fulfilling and nourishing connection with our sexual energy.
  • Practice full embodiment – Experiencing all our feelings, thoughts, and spiritual experiences as body sensations – learning to listen to the wisdom of our bodies and express our truth and gifts from moment to moment.
  • Invoke the alive, loving, and wise presence of the Tantric Goddesses, who will guide us into different levels of spiritual connection with our feminine nature – from the erotic, sexual and sensual to the contemplative, devotional, creative, and transcendental aspects of spirit.
  • We will meet the shadow aspects of our sexual energy and of being a woman in our complex modern world, exploring the drive of our unconscious motivations and rescuing the treasures hidden in the dark places of our bodies, minds and souls.
  • Bring awareness and light to the connection with our parents and ancestors and the way it has influenced and programmed our unconscious patterns and beliefs around sexuality, our body, and intimate relationships – opening the way for healing and receiving the precious gifts that lay in our roots.
  • Create space for understanding and healing the dynamic dance between the feminine and masculine energies, how they play out inside and outside of us and how that influences our actual relationships with women and men in our lives.

The Awakened Feminine Training happens within nine months, in four modules of three days each.

The power in this feminine journey is that the work continues beyond our weekend meetings: We will create an energetic field through an ongoing connection between all of us through sharing groups and practices that support each woman to go deeper and deeper into herself and her process while being fully engaged in her daily life and her relationships.


Practical information and registration: DRUNA



Module 1: The Sacred Feminine Temple and the Divine Mother

In this module, we start creating our feminine temple, a sacred circle to connect with other women, to give and receive support from each other, and to enter into intimacy with our feminine qualities. We support each other to open our bodies and hearts and create a safe and nourishing space where we can contact our fears, shame, and all the conditioning that is on the way for our full aliveness, sensuousness and natural capacity to love.

We will work with the Mother’s Archetype, bringing awareness and healing light to the way we got influenced by our mothers and female ancestors – the beliefs and conditioning about being a woman, our sexual energy and connection with the body, and intimate relationships.

We will go through group dynamics, rituals and initiation to process energies stuck in the body-mind system from the connection with our female ancestor. As we liberate the energies from old experiences, we honour our roots as the source of life force and create space to receive the gifts of essential feminine qualities from the “Big Mother” and her unconditional love. We clear the way for a deeper intimacy with ourselves and for the full right to live and express our sexual energy in our unique way.

Goddesses: Lakshmi

For more information and registration: DRUNA