Training for Life – Module 7. The Crown Chakra – Consciousness, Spirituality and Life Purpose

31/01/2020 - 05/02/2020

Polosamota Buchov, Buchov 3, Postupice, Czech Republic

+420 725 449 409

This is a journey into the different levels of human consciousness through the seven energy centers. The program for the full training is in seven modules.
And each module can also be booked separated.

1. Base Chakra: Nourishing the Roots 2 – 7 February 2018
2. Sacral Chakra: Feelings, Flow and Connection 1 – 6 June 2018
3. Solar Plexus: Self-empowerment and Energy 12 – 17 October 2018
4. Heart Chakra: Love, Relationship, and Intimacy 1 – 6 February 2019
5. Throat Chakra: Communication, creativity 7 – 12 June 2019
6. The Third Eye: Inner-vision and intuition 4 – 9 October 2019
7. Crown Chakra: Consciousness and Spirituality 31 Jan – 5 Febr 2020

Training for Life is an intense process of exploration and self-discovery. It is a deep journey into our inner and outer world.

The aim of this work is to open our full potential as a human being, to reconnect our essential nature and to apply our inner discoveries in life. We will investigate the many aspects of our being using the map of the chakra system. This map makes the connection between spirit and matter, mind and body, heaven and earth. In this journey, we move through all levels of experience: Survival and manifestation; flow and connection; power and energy; love and relationship; communication and creativity; inner-vision and intuition; consciousness and awareness.

We work in seven modules, each focusing in-depth in one energy center and always relating to the system as a whole. You come out of a module with tools to creatively express and manifest what you have discovered and understood in your everyday life. With the completion of the whole training, you will have acquired skills for working with people. You will have assignments and supervision to keep moving and exploring, between the modules. It is a dynamic and self-transforming process.

The modules are complete in themselves and can be booked individually.

7. The Crown Chakra – Consciousness, Spirituality and Life Purpose

The Seventh Chakra, also known as “The Crown”, is the center of pure awareness. It is a place of all-knowing, beyond the limits of space and time. It represents “Consciousness”, the basic operating principle of all the chakras that is capable of seeing, speaking, loving, doing, feeling, and living.

The themes at the Crown are transcendence, wisdom, universal identity, understanding, life purpose, inspiration, and spiritual connection. Its negative aspects manifest in excessive attachment to forms and appearances.

This is time for resting in the awareness of being, and to realize the “witness”, that which is free of judgment and evaluation, the observer that simply notices all that is.

In this module we will:

  • Inquire into our concepts about God, Supreme Being, or Divine Force. Freeing our limiting beliefs about religion and discovering our unique relationship with “Spirituality”.
  • Look and experience the different dimensions of consciousness, related to the Ego, Soul and the Absolute.
  • Explore the concepts of “Meditation technique”, “Experience of Meditation” and “State of Meditation”.
  • Bring light into attachments to particular confined structures, plans and ideas, which keep us from realizing the wholeness of who we are.
  • Look at the phenomena of Inspiration as the driving agent for change and evolution of humanity, as a whole and within one individual.
  • Question our Life Purpose and the deeper meaning of our life: What are we really here for, and what are our gifts, challenges, and potential.

This Center develops throughout life, starting at conception, and it has great openings during adulthood, as we start questioning the meaning of life.

Here we come to understand the relationship between consciousness and matter, we can move back and forth between space and form; silence and sound; nothing and something; the absolute and the relative.

We will move deeper into Meditation, as a non-doing practice, diving into the silent space of formless consciousness.

From the Crown, we come to the end of the rainbow journey, through the seven centers, and discover it is one more step for a new beginning.

The workshop will take place in Buchov, Postupice near Prague (Czech Republic).

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