Training for Life – Module 4. The Heart Chakra – Love, Relationship and Intimacy

04/02/2022 - 09/02/2022

Živá voda Center, Kohoutov, Kohoutov, Czech Republic

+420 725 449 409

This is a journey into the different levels of human consciousness through the seven energy centers. The program for the full training is in seven modules.
And each module can also be booked separated.

1. Base Chakra: Nourishing the Roots 3 – 8 July 2020
2. Sacral Chakra: Feelings, Flow and Connection 5 – 10 February 2021
3. Solar Plexus: Self-empowerment and Energy 8 – 13 October 2021
4. Heart Chakra: Love, Relationship and Intimacy 4 – 9 February 2022
5. Throat Chakra: Communication, creativity 3 – 8 June 2022
6. The Third Eye: Inner-vision and intuition 7 – 12 October 2022
7. Crown Chakra: Consciousness and Spirituality 3 – 8 February 2023


The aim of this work is to open our full potential as a human being, to reconnect our essential nature and to apply our inner discoveries in life. We will investigate the many aspects of our being using the map of the chakra system. This map makes the connection between spirit and matter, mind and body, heaven and earth. In this journey we move through all levels of experience: Survival and manifestation; flow and connection; power and energy; love and relationship; communication and creativity; inner-vision and intuition; consciousness and awareness.

We work in seven modules, each focusing in-depth in one energy center and always relating to the system as a whole. You come out of a module with tools to creatively express and manifest what you have discovered and understood in your everyday life. With the completion of the whole training, you will have acquired skills for working with people. You will have assignments and supervision to keep moving and exploring between the modules.It is a dynamic and self-transforming process.

The modules are complete in themselves and can be booked individually.

4. The Heart Chakra – Love, Relationship and Intimacy

The Heart Chakra is at the very center of the chakra system, and its essential qualities are love, acceptance, tenderness and compassion. It is known as the balancer of opposites: mind and body; self and other, light and shadow, masculine and feminine; inner and outer; ego and unity. It has the ability to embrace everything that is, without judgment, and is the place from where we feel the interconnectedness of everything in life.

The fourth chakra isassociated to the element air, and relates to the areas of chest, heart, cardiac plexus, shoulders, arms, hands and the respiratory system.

The central focus of the heart is to relate to others, which means connection, compassion and empathy for another. Compassion dissolves judgment and invites the heart to open.

The most common obstacle for the heart is the absence of self-love, which is the base for intimacy and balance between our self and others. From self-love and self-compassion the heart blossoms into a longing to share, with an opening to give as well as to receive from life.

Fear and grief block these responses and eventually the heart chakra. When grief is acknowledged and expressed, the heart opens to its original loving nature, and we move beyond duality, toward a sense of great acceptance of self and others.

In this module we will:

  • Understand the needs of our heart, how it got hurt, and its mechanism of protection.
  • Learn to recognize our illusions around love as romance, and understanding the higher meaning of love.
  • Look at our unconscious patterns in relating and intimate relationship.
  • Discover and develop the ability of the Heart to synchronize with other people’s heart and all life around.
  • Reconnecting our heart as healer, by listening to its wisdom and intuition.
  • Learn how to cultivate love and make it a practice for relating in your daily life.

The heart chakra is mostly shaped when we are around three and seven years old, and we are forming our social identity.

As we heal and unburden our hearts from pain, sadness and the patterns of love that limit us, we find the deeper essence of love, which brings us a profound sense of peace and centeredness.
When we move from wanting love to allowing and cultivating love, we can meet with the heart of another in real intimacy.

The workshop will take place in Ziva Voda, Kohoutov (Czech Republic).

For more information and registration: Druna