Opening Your Voice (Introduction to the OPEN VOICE training)

28/01/2022 - 30/01/2022

Druna, Trojicka 10, Praha, Czech Republic

+420 725 449 409

OPENING YOUR VOICE is a method for rescuing our natural ability to sing spontaneously by expressing our inner experiences and the uniqueness of our soul.

In OPENING YOUR VOICE we will create our own songs spontaneously, moment to moment, and part of the work is to develop a new, spontaneous language that can translate immediately and directly our inner experiences into sound vibrations.
We create spaces in the body through breathing, movements, and special techniques that open the great variety of sounds that are calling from inside to be expressed – at the same time we use the sound vibration of our voice to open our body and our energy.

When you go through this experience you will connect with the great variety of sounds, inspiration, and creative possibilities that you have inside.

This is a therapeutic process, a powerful opening for self-expression, and a spiritual experience. It is a call to be totally in the present moment and to give expression to what is happening inside, through the singing voice.

This work is for everyone who has a voice and the longing to explore it.

If you are a professional singer, or you like to sing in a choir, to sing songs together with friends, or simply enjoy singing for yourself, this method will open a completely new world for you.

In this journey with the voice, we work with the chakra system as a map through which we enter specific qualities and ranges of sound vibration related to each chakra (energy center), from the lowest to the highest frequencies.

This exploration goes from the lowest sounds related to physical strength and vitality in the first chakra to the emotional expressions and sensuality in the belly, to power and joy in the solar plexus, to the gentle sounds of love and openness in the heart, to the creative space of the throat, to the high frequency of awareness in the 6th chakra, up to the highest and silent vibration of the seventh chakra.

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