PARVATI – the goddess of relationship and sacred marriage.

The Goddess Parvati has the strength of Durga and the softness of Lakshmi. She directs her seductive radiance to her beloved and at the same time she is focused on her own essence. She is a mother and a yogini, which is a woman that loves to practice and to be fully engaged with life. Parvati is powerful and tender, she is willful and she is playful.

Parvati incarnates our longing to experience the balanced union between the sensuality of the feminine and the presence of the masculine. This is an inner marriage that can happen inside of us and can also reflect in our intimate relationships, our actions and the projects we bring into life.

The conscious masculine is about will, capacity to move forward, express my energy out into the world, and the conscious feminine is about the joy of full expression, relating, emotions, endless creativity, playfulness, and relaxation.
The Goddess Parvati calls us women to question and inquiry on how our masculine and feminine energies are manifesting inside and outside of us: Is my inner man strong and clear or collapsed and disconnected from his will? Is my inner woman radiant and alive or asleep and disconnected from her body and her sensuousness? Is my masculine energy supporting or suppressing my feminine energy? Is my feminine putting down or appreciating the masculine? What is on the way and what supports me to connect these energies inside of me?

When you invoke the goddess Parvati, you tune-in to your own longing for sacred partnership, the dance of intimacy where two independent beings enter into deep union, love, and connection without sacrificing their individuality.

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