Awakened Feminine Training – Module 3. The Feminine Shadow and the Transformative Power of the Dark Goddess

06/04/2022 - 10/04/2022

NOWE KAWKOWO, New Kawkowo 52 A, the municipality Jonkowo 11-042, Warmia and Mazury region, Poland

TUITERAZ (Maja & Jacek)
+48 662 759 576

 In this module, supported by the power of our connection and the guidance of love and fierceness of the dark Goddesses we dive deep into our individual and collective feminine shadow, embracing them fully and meeting our negative patterns and behaviors with full love and compassion.

We go into an adventure to get back the potent energies that are trapped in the dark places of our psyche. In our journey we enter the gates of our unconscious, moving through the challenges and obstacles on the way, bringing the light of love and consciousness into the most hidden areas of our selves.

When we face the challenges of our shadow, the dark side of the feminine, and her unconscious motivations, we come out from being a victim into a mature and wise woman and start drinking from the deep well of our natural powers and our embodied essential qualities.

The Dark Goddesses are the carriers of erotic and ecstatic energies that when liberated can move into healthy sexual and sensual interactions as well as into highly creative expressions and spiritual dimensions.

Goddess: Kali


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