Awakened Feminine Training – Module 3. The Feminine Shadow and the Transformative Power of the Dark Goddess

07/03/2025 - 09/03/2025

DRUNA, Trojicka 10, Prague, Czech Republic


This is an invitation to return home – to our bodies, feelings, and our soul.

1. The Sacred Feminine Temple and the Big Mother (more) 30 Aug – 1 Sep 2024
2. The Dance of the Feminine and Masculine (more) 15 – 17 November 2024
3. The Transformative Power of the Dark Goddesses (more) 7 – 9 March 2025
4. The Ecstatic, Sexual and Spiritual Woman (more) 16 – 18 May 2025

In the Awakened Feminine training, we invoke the power of the feminine energy through the Tantric Goddesses, channelling the love and wisdom of the “Divine Mother” to guide us through the rich, powerful and challenging universe of our sexual energy.
We connect with our sexual energy as the natural and instinctual force that connects and creates, and from there, we open our hearts for all the pain, the joy and the longing that we carry in our body and mind, opening for healing and for deeper intimacy with ourselves, with life and with the principle of creation.

The Awakened Feminine Training happens within nine months, in four modules of three days each.

The power in this feminine journey is that the work continues beyond our weekend meetings: We will create an energetic field through an ongoing connection between all of us through sharing groups and practices that support each woman to go deeper and deeper into herself and her process while being fully engaged in her daily life and her relationships.



Module 3: The Feminine Shadow and the Transformative Power of the Dark Goddesses

Supported by the power of our connection and the guidance of love and fierceness of the dark Goddesses, we will dive deep into our individual and collective feminine shadow, embracing them fully and meeting our negative patterns and behaviours with love and compassion.

We go on an adventure to get back the potent energies trapped in the dark places of our psyche. In our journey, we enter the gates of our unconscious, moving through the challenges and obstacles on the way, bringing the light of love and consciousness into the most hidden areas of ourselves.

When we face the challenges of our shadow, the dark side of the feminine and her unconscious motivations, we move from being a victim into a mature and wise woman and start drinking from the deep well of our natural powers and embodied essential qualities. The Dark Goddesses are the carriers of erotic and ecstatic energies. When liberated, these energies manifest into healthy sexual and sensual interactions, as well as into highly creative expressions and spiritual dimensions.

GODDESSES: Kali – Dumavati – Chinamasta