OPEN VOICE - Two years professional Training  2020/2021
Aug 19 - May 8
Broumov / Czech Republic
The OPEN VOICE TRAINING is professional training that is happening in 6 modules within two years. The training is suited for therapists, group leaders, teachers, shamanic practitioners, singers, actors, life coaches, musicians, and anyone that has a voice and the longing to explore their inner and outer world through this amazing vehicle.
Die Before you Die - A Sufi Centering through Life and Death
Oct 29 - Oct 31
Praha 2 / Czech Republic
In this workshop we contemplate death as a wake up call to become fully alive. We look at the attachments and identification that create suffering in our lives, and use Sufi practices, music and poetry to supports us on the way. The Sufi path is the path of love!
Awakened Feminine Training - Module 2. The Dance of the Feminine and Masculine
Nov 10 - Nov 14
Warmia and Mazury region / Poland
We celebrate the power of feminine bliss and playfulness and enter even deeper into our bodies as carriers of pleasure and beauty that comes from inside out.
Primal Feelings - Healing the Inner Child
Dec 10 - Dec 12
Praha 2 / Czech Republic
An important part of the work is to contact our „wise adult“. This is a part of every human being that embodies the universal love and care of existence, it has always been, and will always be whole.

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