“Die Before You Die” – The Art of Conscious Living and Dying

01/11/2024 - 03/11/2024

Druna, Trojicka 10, Praha, Czech Republic

+420 725 449 409

“It’s never too late to complete our birth.
It doesn’t matter how long you have forgotten,
only how soon you remember”  Buddha


The “Die Before You Die” is a journey to understand who we really are beyond life and death.

This workshop is an opportunity to contemplate and make friends with death, creating possibilities for life to flourish into its full potential.

We will go through practices and experiences that guide us into freeing ourselves from attachments and identifications that create suffering in our lives. We will bring awareness to the beliefs about who we are, recognizing our true nature and creating space to live the fullness of our potential.

This workshop is a ritual to let go of the past. It is a ritual of cleansing and freeing ourselves from everything we no longer need so that our lives can develop and move forward, blessing the future. On this journey, we will consciously experience our death, understanding that death is a process of letting go that allows us to review our lives and create space for what is essential.

It is a process of symbolically letting go of the physical body and a movement to celebrate our being human – our flesh and bones, our feelings and emotions, and the infinite energy constantly moving within us. We can then experience the true embodiment of life – reliving each moment fully on higher levels of perception where sounds, colours, shapes, smells, textures, and tastes become vibrant and alive.