SYSTEMIC RITUAL: The Four Seasons (SPRING) – one year cycle

28/04/2023 - 30/04/2023

DRUNA, Trojicka 10, Prague, Czech Republic

+420 725 449 409

* Systemic Rituals and the Shamanic Wheel for Healing and Transformation *

In the Four Seasons training we work with Systemic Ritual® and use the Wheel of the Four directions as a map to guide us through the continuous movement of life, with all its gifts, challenges and possibilities of each season, within a year cycle.

These are powerful and dynamic tools for experiencing, understanding and healing personal day-to-day topics and different aspects of yourself and your life.

The modules are happening in the time of the year related to the seasons with their specific qualities.
As we move through the wheel we learn the basics of shamanic practices, entering light trance states with rattling, drumming and singing, and we meet the power animals connected to each season.

We also work with conscious movement, dance, and voicing, as ways to build energy, ground ourselves, and practice awareness and connection between body, mind, emotions, and spirit. We will create a sense of community and safety amongst everyone present, a conscious sharing space and a field of healing, where everyone is welcome to participate, by offering and receiving something.

The training is designed for supporting your personal development as well as integration into your professional work, where you can apply the understandings, practices and inspiration that you draw from the training into your work with clients, in individual settings as well as in group work.

* * *

Season 1 –  SPRING (East)     28 – 30 April / 2023
New beginnings, inspiration, clarity, regeneration, creativity

In Spring the sun start increasing its strength, the light return and we can see the world with a more expanded vision. New leaves and flowers are sprouting, animals start mating and life gets going with new possibilities. This season is related to an upward state of expansion, inspiration, optimism, returning, hope, new ideas, inspiration, growing energy, renewal, freshness.

The Spring rituals and practices support us to bring fresh energy into our lives and clear our vision for new possibilities. It is time for exploration and inquiry, focusing our energy into what we desire and building resources to support the unfolding of our creative potential.

Season 2 – SUMMER (South)      21 – 23 July / 2023
Embodiment, Manifestation, Abundance, Relationships

In Summer the sun is the strongest, the light is bright and everything matures and grow to their full size.
This season is related to abundance, being active and having the power to act, it is about doing, and using our energy for full manifestation. It is about relating and being with people, interacting, building structures and using our physical strength.
With the rituals and practices from Summer we explore and build deeper connection with our body, our sense of grounding and connection with matter, and we bring awareness into our relationship network and patterns in relating, creating the building blocks for sustainable and abundant inner and outer connections.

Season 3 – AUTUMN (West)     06 – 08 October / 2023
Letting go of old patterns; Time for reflection; deeper feelings and intuition.

In autumn the sun start going down, light slowly fades, leaves are falling and it is harvesting time. This season is related to slowing down, turning inward, evaluating, resting, relaxing, going into meditation and contemplation.
The Autumn rituals and practices support us to reflection into what has passed and to let go of what we no longer need, opening the space for entering the immense richness of our inner world, our feelings and emotions and our intuition. In this module we go deeper into basic practices of Shamanic work, developing our natural capacity to see through darkness into non ordinary realities, and to receive information and healing for the world of spirits.

Season  4 – WINTER (North)      16 – 18 February / 2024
Silence and open space; Ancestors; Connecting with Light and the Soul.

In Winter the plants stop growing and go into a state of rest and no doing. In this state it seems nothing is happening, but nature is in a process of increase potency and regeneration. In the darkness of night, there is no sun and the world of forms disappear during our sleep. In this season we enter the mysterious aspect of timelessness, emptiness, void, the unknown, the ground of being.
The rituals and practices from Winter will guide us into entering formless states of being, meeting the hidden treasures and gifts present in stillness, and resetting, healing and opening space for something new. When the sun is weak we take time to connect and receive nourishment from different aspects of light. In this module we will meet the power of our ancestors in connection with the light of our soul as the ground of our existence.

* * *

In each of the Four Seasons you will explore, embody, and move through the wheel in various ways:

° Individual exploration. You will use the wheel as a map to constellate certain aspects of your life, relating to questions or topics that are important for you. You will create your wheel using stones and objects as representatives of elements and qualities that are present in your question.

° As a practitioner. With a partner, you support each other to see and relate to certain aspects of life. The supporting partner takes the role of a practitioner, making use of prayers in different ways – through rattling, drumming, singing and the power of words, sentences, and sounds – calling support to create space for movement and healing for the partner.

° Work in small groups. By representing different quadrants and aspects of the wheel you will explore and embody the energy and qualities of the four directions at mental, physical, physiological, emotional, and spiritual levels.

° With Systemic Rituals. We create large wheels as a ritual space, where everybody participates and move through a dynamic and alive constellation – walking, standing, dancing, laying down, interacting, singing, etc. And as we move through the wheel we meet different resources and elements in the field that are ready for being met, seeing, felt, and related with in various ways, creating space for disentanglement, completion, clarity, and healing of specific areas of life.