Sexuality, Love and Relationship (with Komala & Gregor)

21/07/2018 - 27/07/2018

LIMPID WORKS, Donská 275/9, Praha 10, Czech Republic


The sexual energy and the longing for love are the fuel that moves us into relationships. At the same time, lack of understanding and communication around sex, love, and relationships prevents us from reaching real intimacy. Therefore this workshop is to understand and experience the divine dance of the masculine and feminine polarities: How sexual energy drives us to come together to create intimate relationships, the differences in which it manifests in men and women, and the possibility and challenges of learning about love and oneself that come with it.

In this workshop, we are going to explore and experience how some fundamental differences in the masculine and feminine bodies, brains and hormones shape our behavior and influences our relationships. When we understand and honor these differences, without confining ourselves to it, we create the base for a healthy polarity and a loving connection, which gives us the opportunity to love each other according to the old spiritual principle: We are mirrors for each other, through which we can see ourselves more clearly and learn to love deeper.

We will bring understanding to the beliefs and ideas that you carry about men and women. Learn to appreciate the male/female principle in myself and in others. Learn simple and practical tools to deal with relationships in day-to-day life. These practices include keeping your energetic connection alive, conscious communication and understanding your partner’s needs and gifts.

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