Open Voice – Introduction for the two-years training

14/02/2020 - 16/02/2020

DRUNA, Trojická 10, Prague, Czech Republic

+420 725 449 409

The work with voice is not about learning to sing. It is about rescuing our natural ability to sing spontaneously by expressing our inner experiences and our soul. This way of singing is a spiritual activity, a therapeutic tool, and a means for self-expression, as it is a call to be total in the present moment and to give expression to whatever is happening, through the singing voice.

This workshop is about creating spaces in the body through breathing and movements in order to open for the sounds that are screaming inside to be expressed. The liberation of these inner sounds is like balsam, like an inner massage into our tissues, muscles, joints, and cells. We will follow the chakra system as a map to explore different ranges and qualities of sounds, from the lowest to the higher frequencies, from the more though to the most gentle, from anger to love, from pleasure to pain, from power to joy.

This exploration brings new dimensions and qualities to our singing voice as well as to our speaking voice.

In this journey, the ability to listen is as important as the ability to express. As listeners we open all our senses, our heart, mind, cels, to listen to the vibrations, and we become utterly present and open to receive. When we practice listening and being like a receptive mirror, we start sensing more clear the places in our body, mind, and soul that reacts, refuses and contracts. The awareness of such inner places is the first step into giving them space to open and expand. We will explore and play with the many possibilities of our human’s voice in its infinite qualities of sounds, with the intention to express our unique self and to reach the depths of our silence and stillness.

Welcome to a deep and playful journey into your self.

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