OPEN VOICE – Two years professional Training

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19/08/2020 - 05/12/2021

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The OPEN VOICE TRAINING is professional training that is happening in 6 modules within two years.

The training is suited for therapists, group leaders, teachers, shamanic practitioners, singers, actors, life coaches, musicians, and anyone that has a voice and the longing to explore their inner and outer world through this amazing vehicle.

During the training, you will go through a deeply personal exploration with your voice. The voice is going to be your vehicle for entering the many dimensions of your being, that goes from the deepest sound of your ancestral and physical experiences to the highest frequencies of your mind and subtle experiences. You are going to meet and re-connect the infinite richness of sound vibrations within yourself and express the uniqueness of your soul through spontaneous singing.

Throughout the training, you will practice accompanying someone through their singing voice’s journey. You will learn to attune with and read someone’s voice, the correlation of their voice with body posture, body energy, emotional, mental and spiritual states, and the ways to support the natural unfolding of everyone’s unique voice and energy.

The pre-requisite to participate in the training is to have been in an Open Voice workshop or any other intense training with Komala. Exceptions may be possible, and in this case, you must have a session interview with Komala to see if the training is for you.

The next introductory Open Voice workshop is happening on 14 – 16 February/2020.

The training is limited to 26 participants.

* * *

Module 1 -– Nourishing the Vessel (1st Chakra)      19 – 23 August  /2020

In this first module, we will connect our roots and explore the lowest sound vibrations, bringing the strength, vitality, and nourishment from the earth into our physical body, and reconnecting our basic, instinctual energy.
The qualities of the first Chakra sounds give stability and embodiment to the sound and the singing.

Module 2 – Reconnecting our Feelings & creating a new language (2nd Chakra)      14 – 20 November /2020

Here we find a very rich range of sounds that express our innermost feelings. The exploration starts with the support and containment from the womb’s sound, and moves on, from anger to joy, from pain to pleasure, welcoming any emotion that wants to be expressed. The great variety of sound vibrations in the 2nd chakra bring strength, aliveness, playfulness, and depth to the singing voice, which is supported by the containment of the womb’s sound.

Mod. 3 – The Power of Being  / The Power of the Heart  (3rd & 4th Chakras)      15 – 21 March / 2021

In the solar plexus, we explore sounds that bring power and expansion to the singing voice. We work in-depth with the diaphragm and its role in expanding our breathing capacity and on modulating the volume of our voice.
The 3rd Chakra is also about self-worth, charisma, joyfulness, and our right to take space, show ourselves, and shine.
At the Heart Center we enter a delicate and powerful space where the sound becomes a balsam, caressing and opening to all there is without judgments. This is a space of wonder, love, compassion, and gentleness.
The sound vibration of the heart brings a velvet and round quality to the singing voice.

Module 4 –  Freedom of Expression (5th Chakra)      12 – 16. Jun /2021

Here the sound goes to a higher vibration that can open the voice for expressing transcendental experiences. The throat is the vehicle for expressing creatively the energy and sound dimensions of all the lower and upper chakras, therefore it is a channel through which we can express the unique qualities of our being. In this module we work with the beliefs and hindrances that we meet in the previous chakras and use the energies we find to move our self-expression to a higher level of exploration.

Module 5 – Awareness, Intuition and the Subtle Bodies (6th Chakra)    21 – 26 September /2021

Awareness is present throughout all the modules, and now we meet its frequency at a deeper level. We activate the 3rd eye to meet the even higher frequencies related to different states of our mind. This is a pathway to meet our inner guide and intuition.
In this module, we will move deeper into listening, exchanging sessions, and practicing with each other.

Module 6 – Healing Sounds, Overtones & Completion      2 – 5 December /2021 

In this module, we will explore different modalities of healing sounds, using the voice and other instruments, and ways to apply different vibrations and frequencies to create space for healing and integration at different levels of the physical, energetic, emotional and mental bodies.
This is the completion module and the time for supervision of participants’ individual movement throughout the training and to look into the further application of their learning.

For more information and registration contact DRUNA.